I'm a web application developer living in Zürich, Switzerland. I work for Bank Julius Bär, building trading tools with JavaScript.

Current status

I build realtime HTML5 / Node.js web applications at Bank Julius Bär. I'm also active on some open source projects.

Reading the fantastic book "Test-Driven JavaScript Development" from Christian Johansen changed the way I write JavaScript today. I started contributing to Sinon.JS, which Christian developed while writing the book.

Where I've been working and how I came to Zürich

I grew up in Cologne, Germany and started programming on a C64 teaching Basic and Assembler to myself. I'm lucky enough to get payed for programming since 1999 when I joined Denkwerk. I've done an unhealthy amount of work using the Win32 amd MFC APIs with C++, but also learned Java in the 1.3 days while working with Apples WebObjects. I learned JavaScript and started experimenting with dynamic web pages.

After 5 years at Denkwerk, I decided to work for myself as a freelancer. In 2006 I took the oportunity to work for UBS Investment Bank in London to build the frontend of the "Post Trade Services Portal".

In 2007 I returned to Cologne and joined a startup where I was responsible for building the whole technology stack of a social network. UBS offered me another interesting position in Zürich two years later to work on "FX Trader Plus", a realtime trading application written in JavaScript. So in late 2009, I came here with my beautiful wife and my two little boys.

Another two years later, in 2011, I was offered my current position at Bank Julius Bär.

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